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Research themes

The NISD has adopted a transdisciplinary approach to research, underpinned by values that include inclusivity, openness and respectful engagement.

There are currently six research programmes.

Environmentally sustainable diets

Understanding the behavioural drivers of consumption and nutrition and how to enable more sustainable diets.

Climate-resilient food systems

Using climate modelling and community resilience adaptation to inform crop science research.

Farmer-responsive seed systems and breeding

Understanding local farmers crop needs and how seed systems could enable access to those traits.

Equitable knowledge sharing in agri-food systems

Building knowledge-sharing platforms to help farmers access market information, risk protection and good quality seed.

Supporting sustainable soil management

Combining behavioural economics, agricultural and soil science to determine management practices, policies and market signals needed for farmers adoption.

Resilient aquatic food systems

Improving the resilience of aquatic food systems from genetic, climate change, gender, nutrition and socio-economic perspectives.