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Climate-resilient food systems

Using climate modelling and community resilience adaptation to inform crop science research.

Climate change will alter the regional distribution of the growing conditions for crops. Given the long lag between work in the lab and improved varieties being available to farmers, for crop scientists to produce the relevant innovations, climate modelling would be useful to inform them about what is required in the coming decades. Based on GIS-linked climate models, the NISD intends to forecast and map future crop growing conditions. This will enable us to identify currently existing agronomic indicator areas in which conditions now are sufficiently like the ones forecasted for a particular region in the future. This in turn informs the crop science research agenda and allows us to study practical ways in which communities are adapting to real-life climate stress which may be
improved or scaled up.


Developing crops for the needs of future generations

Diverse forecasting directing crop science

Developing crops for the needs of future generations



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