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Equitable knowledge sharing in agri-food systems

Building knowledge-sharing platforms to help farmers access market information, risk protection and good quality seed.

Farmers in developing countries often don’t have access to potentially beneficial information, for example which pest attacks are on the way and how to protect against that, which diseases are affecting plants and what to do about that, which risk protection measures are available and how do they work, is the seed on offer of good quality, and so on. The NISD is building a knowledge-sharing platform and diagnostic tools to help farmers answer such questions. We intend to develop smartphone apps that village agents (educated, underemployed local young people) deploy on behalf of farmers, so that the latter have easy access to relevant information. Work is ongoing in Uganda.



A new approach to cheaply tracking seed spoilage risks in complex systems.

Equitable knowledge ecosystem

Developing systems for facilitating knowledge production and sharing among diverse stakeholders


Creating integrated communities of researchers towards sustainable development goals



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