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Farmer-responsive seed systems and breeding

Understanding local farmers crop needs and how seed systems could enable access to those traits.

The NISD is designing tools to measure what crop traits local farmers demand and what aspects of existing seed systems limit access to these traits. We will use this knowledge to (a) inform crop breeding programmes, incorporating foundational bioscience, applied varietal development, and understanding of policy and regulation of the seed market; and (b) design and test seed system interventions to ensure the availability of high-quality seeds, by providing access to information, quality assurance tools (including during transport and storage) and mapping bottlenecks in formal and informal seed systems. Fieldwork is ongoing in Ethiopia and Uganda and planned for Nepal.


Unlocking Grass pea

An insurance crop that could hold the secrets to drought and flood tolerant harvests

Sustainable potato varieties

Unlocking varieties to reduce environmental impact and improve food security

Improved vegetable crops in Nepal

Supporting effective, efficient and sustainable seed systems that farmers can trust


A new approach to cheaply tracking seed spoilage risks in complex systems.



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