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Improved vegetable crops in Nepal

Supporting effective, efficient and sustainable seed systems that farmers can trust

The sustainable development need

Improved crop productivity for sustainable agriculture and improved nutrition in Nepal.

Nepal’s geography and demography are mismatched. Nepal’s population is growing but its agricultural land is severely limited. This situation demands increases in agricultural productivity but inputs (e.g. improved seed) are not forthcoming. Therefore, Nepal has high rural poverty and malnutrition rates.

Effective, efficient and sustainable seed systems are vital for agricultural transformation in Nepal but farmers are sometimes wary of investing scarce resources into improved seeds that they do not trust

Our transdisciplinary response

High quality seeds and improved cultivar choice are needed to increase production of high quality vegetables with improved nutrition. We are developing an agricultural systems approach that empowers Nepalese seed producers and farmers to enable change.

NISD will adopt a cohesive approach that will include: improving cultivars, reducing losses, refining seed packaging technology, on-farm demonstration plots, agronomic optimisation, farmer engagement and market analysis to strengthen supply chains.

Partners and progress

The NISD team

The NISD team brings together collaborators from across the Norwich Research Park with partners in Nepal.

Chris Ridout

John Innes Centre

Arjan Verschoor

UEA International Development

Prabesh Shrestha

Sarba Shrestha Seeds Pvt Ltd, Nepal

Sabina Manandha

Sarba Shrestha Seeds Pvt Ltd, Nepal
CN Seeds Ltd

Sujit Hari Tha Shestha

CN Seeds Ltd

Progress, outputs and outcomes

The work to date between JIC, CN seeds and SS seeds has established a Model Farm in Nepal to demonstrate new varieties of vegetable crops and facilitate engagement with Nepalese farmers and others in the supply chain.

Knowledge transfer activities between the UK and Nepal groups have also been undertaken to demonstrate seed improvement techniques and quality control procedures.

Laboratory and seed processing facilities available in Nepal have also been demonstrated to the UK partners for developing collaborative research and training opportunities.


  • UKRI-BBSRC GCRF – JIC Impact Acceleration Award

  • UKRI-BBSRC GCRF – International Flexible Interchange Programme grant

Project contact

If you are interested in this project and would like to know more, please contact:

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