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Cynthia rosenzweig JIF lecture


The 2022 World Food Prize winner, Dr Cynthia Rosenzweig,  Senior Research Scientist at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, will be giving the 2023 John Innes Foundation Lecture for the NISD on sustainable food systems.

Host: Prof Nitya Rao of NISD and Prof Robert Nicholls, Director of Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research 


Climate change – and the resulting extreme events – affect food production, and in turn the quality and quantity of food available to consumers. 

As countries report their progress toward meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement in the Global Stocktake, and as we move into the ‘decade of action’ for climate change and prepare for COP28 in Dubai, food is more on the table than ever. But there are still silos that need to be addressed via radical collaboration and partnerships. Examples from the Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP) will present ways forward.


Dr. Cynthia Rosenzweig is a Senior Research Scientist at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the co-located Columbia University Climate School’s Center for Climate Systems Research. At NASA GISS, she heads the Climate Impacts Group whose mission is to investigate the interactions of climate (both variability and change) on systems and sectors important to human well-being, including agriculture, cities, and conservation. 

Dr. Rosenzweig is the co-founder and member of the Executive Committee of the Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP), a globally integrated transdisciplinary study of climate change and the food system at regional, national and global scales, including the participation of over 1000 leading researchers from developed and developing nations. She has developed new methods of detection and attribution of observed changes in physical and biological systems to anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and pioneered research on the impacts of and adaptation to climate change and climate variability. 

In 2019, Dr. Rosenzweig was Coordinating Lead Author of the Food Security Chapter for the IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land. She is Co-Director of the Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN) and Co-Editor of the First and Second UCCRN Assessment Reports on Climate Change and Cities (ARC3). She was Co-Chair of the New York City Panel on Climate Change (NPCC), a body of experts convened by the mayor to advise the city on adaptation for its critical infrastructure. She co-led the Metropolitan East Coast Regional Assessment of the U.S. National Assessment of the Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change, sponsored by the U.S. Global Change Research Program. 

In 2022, she received the World Food Prize, considered as the “Nobel Prize for Food and Agriculture.”

Featured image by Ivan Bandura on Unsplash


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