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NISD early career group

NISD early career group

Meet students and postdocs from across UEA and Norwich research institutes, from environmental, social and life sciences.

About the group

The aim of this group is to encourage collaborations, future career directions, impact, outreach, engagement and more. 

These events are part social and part research-focused in nature. They’re a great chance to learn more about other disciplines, view your research from a different perspective or practice speaking to a transdisciplinary audience. Bring your questions and experience for an informal/informative sessions.

If you are interested in learning more about the group, please contact

Upcoming ECR events

We have the following upcoming events. All researchers from across the NRP welcome:

  • 14th October: 50 Years of DEV. NISD researchers will be sharing the range of work taking place across the institute.
  • 9 November, 4pm, JIC Rec Centre: Burning Questions. How good are our climate models? How does Gene Editing work and what are the risks? How does poverty change the way people make decisions? – people across the NRP are working on a huge range of important problems, and the early careers group is your opportunity to meet them! In this event, we decide on discussion topics from environmental, social and bioscience for future ECG events. So come along for snacks and networking and tell us what you want to hear about right from the experts!

NISD events