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Manasa Sharma


PhD student

University of East Anglia


Manasa Sharma is a Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholar at the University of East Anglia as part of the Critical Decade programme. Her research interests are in Global Change Ecology, Climate Change and Policy. Manasa’s PhD project combines quantitative climate change and crop science with qualitative social science to understand the risk climate change poses to agricultural systems, help farmers and agricultural policy makers in the global south adapt to climate change.

Manasa holds a Master’s degree in Biotechnology. Her master’s dissertation was a predictive ecology project that involved building models to simulate the potential impacts of climate change on temperature sensitive avian species. Focusing on thermal tolerances and climate driven range shifts, she studied how climate change could threaten mountaintop species, cause flock breakdown and potentially act as an escalator to extinction. Her research was supported by the Indian Institute of Science. She has previously worked on short research projects in Oral cancer genomics, Viral genomics and Protein Science.

Before starting her PhD at the University of East Anglia, Manasa worked as an Educator and Science Communicator for three years in collaboration with several NGOs and Ed -Tech Startups, where she was researching pedagogical frameworks for Global Citizenship Education, Inquiry and Project Based Learning, Education Policies and STEM education. She also developed inquiry-based climate education modules to be implemented in Indian Schools. In her free time, she reads and writes poetry and makes science-based humorous comics.

Areas of expertise

Global change ecology

Climate change