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Julie Bremner

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Julie is a Principal Marine Ecologist at the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) and an honorary senior lecturer in the UEA School of Environmental Sciences. She has a background in marine benthic ecology and ecosystem function.

Julie’s research explores the effects humans can have on marine biodiversity and ecosystems and how we can pursue sustainable management of the seas’ resources. Working with other natural scientists, social scientists, governments and industry, her research focusses on the environmental pillar of sustainability, considering the impacts of, and opportunities for, marine food production, marine energy and climate change. Julie has broad interests and is fundamentally intrigued by how things connect – across environments, across human activities and across environmental and cultural priorities.

Julie is the Cefas topic lead for Coastal Ecosystems and for Fisheries and Aquaculture Interactions and is the Biodiversity and Ecosystems science lead at the Cefas/UEA Collaborative Centre for Sustainable Use of the Seas (CCSUS).

Current projects

Co-PI, UK Government funded ‘One Food’ programme, using the One Health approach to develop a toolbox for managing safety and environmental hazards across entire food systems with a view to providing net benefits for biodiversity and climate.

Research manager, EU Horizon funded ‘Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function Leading to Ecosystem Services (MARBEFES)’, a 23-partner programme researching patterns of biodiversity and its ecological, social and economic value.

Country PI, UK Government funded ‘Ocean Country Partnership Programme’ for international scientific capacity development in marine resource management. Co-I, UK Seafood Fund: Fisheries Industry Science Partnerships scheme funded ‘Crustacean-Cam’ project, using fishery-deployed cameras to provide scientific evidence for lobster and crab stock management.

Recent publications

de Juan Mohan, S., Bremner, J., Hewitt, J., Törnroos, A., Mangano, M., Thrush, S. & Hinz, H. (2022) Biological Traits Approaches in marine ecology: dead ends and new paths. Ecology and Evolution. In press

Gray, P., Garcia, C., Robinson, C., & Bremner, J. (2022) A method for identifying sensitivity of marine benthic invertebrates to ocean acidification through a biological traits approach. ICES Journal of Marine Science. In press

Gill, A., Bremner, J., (joint first authors), Blake, S., Fierens, L., Mynott, F. & Vanstaen, K. (2021). Effects of offshore windfarm construction and operation on commercial finfish and shellfish stocks and fisheries: systematic evaluation of the literature. Report to Ørsted Ltd.

Hobley, B., Arosio, R., French, G., Bremner, J., Dolphin, T. & Mackiewicz, M. (2021) Semi-supervised segmentation for coastal monitoring of seagrass using RPA imagery. Remote Sensing 13 (9) 1741

Areas of expertise

Biodiversity and ecosystems

Marine food production

Marine energy

Climate change