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Janet Mwende


PhD Student

University of East Anglia


Janet Mwende is a postgraduate research student at the School of International Development. Before joining the University of East Anglia, Mwende worked for the National Treasury as part of the Africa Economic Research Consortium and the Government of Kenya Capacity Building programme.

Janet has worked as a research assistant on projects at the International Potato Center aimed at increasing production, consumption, and marketing of the biofortified vitamin A rich orange-fleshed sweet potato, Scaling Up Sweet potato Through Agriculture and Nutrition, and Accelerated Value Chain Development. The projects included health, agriculture, nutrition education, and market components for the development of an enhanced value chain in addressing vitamin A deficiency in Kenya.

Janet has assisted in the implementation of household and consumer surveys to better understand the role of information framing and psychosocial factors in the adoption of orange-fleshed sweet potato and its processed products. She also supported the review of the sweet potato and potato breeding product profiles for the East Africa market segments with a gender lens as part of the Gender Intentional Piloting Tools for Gender Intentional Product Profile Creation project. 

Janet’s current research focuses on the role of behavioural interventions in encouraging farmers to purchase and use improved sweet potato varieties as planting materials. Research interests include agriculture-nutrition linkages, gender, experimental economics, quantitative methods, and impact evaluations.

Areas of expertise

Agriculture-nutrition-market linkages

Quantitative methods

Gender and plant breeding