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Chris Darby


Research Coordinator

John Innes Centre

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Chris Darby is a research coordinator at the Norwich Institute for Sustainable Development. He fosters the new transdisciplinary collaborations that are being created within the institute. His role also includes governance and stakeholder engagement. In parallel, Chris is Head of Transdisciplinary Research Impact at the John Innes Centre. 

Chris was formerly a Civil Servant, working in a number of UK home departments and for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. He was Secretary to the UK Government’s Global Science and Innovation Forum and author of the UK’s Strategy for International Engagement in R&D. He has served as the UK’s Sherpa to the G7 Carnegie Group of science ministers and as Head of Science and Innovation for the FCO in India. 

On the international stage, Chris was closely involved with the policy shift towards joint research programming with key partner countries, including the creation of UKRI offices overseas. On the European stage, Chris played a key role, during the last UK Presidency of the EU, in the establishment of a European Research Council (ERC). 

Chris has an initial scientific background in nutrition and was seconded by the UK Government to be Chief Executive of the UK Nutrition Society. 


Areas of expertise


Scientific evidence

International relations