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Ben Eyre

Ben Eyre

NISD Member

University of East Anglia


Ben Eyre is a research fellow at the University of Bologna whose work focusses on social finance, sustainability, and market-based approaches to development through ethnography that spans from boardrooms in North America and Europe to rural life in East Africa. His research engages with the agency of (potential) beneficiaries and the contribution of user insights to impact investing policy and practice.

His current research explores green finance and impact investing in Kenya through case studies including the IFC ‘Forests Bond’ and investments in sustainable agriculture and financial inclusion. Previous research has explored ‘philanthrocapitalist’ initiatives to transform cattle-keeping and promote a value chain approach to the dairy industry among Nyakyusa agro-pastoralists in Rungwe District in South-West Tanzania, and high-net-worth philanthropy in the City of London. He has worked for over a decade as an advisor to philanthropists and impact investors.

Areas of expertise


Market-based approaches

Green finance