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Peter Emmrich


John Innes Foundation Fellow

University of East Anglia

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Peter Emmrich is a John Innes Foundation Fellow with a background in plant sciences and crop improvement.

Before joining NISD, Peter worked at the John Innes Centre as a PhD student and postdoc, focusing on the improvement of grass pea (Lathyrus sativus), an ancient food crop with remarkable tolerance to drought and flooding. His main focus has been on making the crop safer to consume by removing a toxin naturally produced by the plant and to develop resources for faster improvement of this interesting crop.

As part of this, Peter spent three years at the Biosciences eastern and central Africa Hub at the International Livestock Research Institute in Nairobi, Kenya. There, he was working to breed improved traits produced in his previous research into grass pea lines adapted to Ethiopia as well as investigating the use of grass pea as a forage crop in Kenya through intercropping with an East African forage grass.

At NISD, Peter is continuing this work and expanding on it by studying the social context of grass pea cultivation and the preferences and perceptions of farmers and consumers depending on this crop.

In this and other research projects, Peter is keen to combine his expertise in foundational and applied plant science with approaches from social sciences and climate research to better support farmers in low- and middle-income countries and to make global agricultural systems more sustainable and resilient.


Areas of expertise


Sustainable agriculture

Climate adaptation